Originally from Houston, TX, Peaceful Hearts Yoga is now offering yoga enrichment programs to the communities in and around Weatherford, TX. PHY offers interactive kids classes that are tailored to the student's particular interests and needs. It is NOT a one-size fits all program; I mindfully develop each lesson plan for each group I teach.

"Great compassion makes a peaceful heart. A peaceful heart makes a peaceful person. A peaceful person makes a peaceful family. A peaceful family makes a peaceful community. A peaceful community makes a peaceful nation. A peaceful nation makes a peaceful world." ~ Maha Ghosananda

Peaceful Hearts Yoga delivers creative, non-competitive classes that inspire, educate and provide support for developing young minds and bodies of children. Sharing the amazing gift of yoga with children and bringing awareness to the community isn't just a joy, it is my mission.

Mobile yoga is great for any classroom.
Church's "Mother's Day Out"
Dance and Yoga Studios
Gymnastic Centers
Private and Public School (after-school and enrichment programs)

Enjoy exploring the Peaceful Hearts Yoga website. Please give me a call or send me and email with comments, feedback or questions you might have.

Namaste ~
Casey Schmidt, RYT/ R-CYT

Please visit the service tab to see what mobile options are right for your school or organization. 

Fun never ends, when you yoga with friends!

Special Note: 

Peaceful Hearts Yoga, formally known as Once Upon a Pose Yoga for Kids (2010-2011)