Yoga Classes

GO MOBILE! Peaceful Hearts Yoga comes to you! PHY partners with child care centers, preschools, after-school programs and other children's organizations. Classes are customized to fit the needs of the students and the administration. Rates & schedules available by contacting Casey Schmidt.

"The development of the mind comes through movement" Maria Montessori

Yoga is a fun, healthy, educational, challenging and non-competitive activity that children love. They are natural at it! Peaceful Hearts Yoga for kids works with children on strengthening their growing bodies and stretching their muscles while improving their balance, coordination and concentration. Classes provide children with the opportunity to discover the joy of exercise and fitness. Children will use their imaginations to understand yoga poses and learn about nature and the world that surrounds them. With PHY children are exposed to a diversity of music from around the world. Through yoga, children will learn about different cultures. Peaceful Hearts Yoga, along with many other educators and parents believe that yoga can help children build a sense of accomplishment and confidence on and off the mat.

Mini Yogis (ages 3-5 years old) An energetic class that stimulates imagination, gross motor skills and critical thinking. Mini Yogis will go on yoga adventures through stories, song, fun poses, games, art and laughter. They will increase flexibility, strength and coordination while building focus, concentration and social skills.

Kids Yoga (ages 6-9 years old) This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills and self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun postures and groups games. Children will learn how to focus their energy through breathing and relaxation techniques. Kids draw and play games in this energy releasing class all the while practicing yoga and improving strength, flexibility, concentration and coordination.

Classes available for Teens upon request.

Class Structure
Classes are designed to be developmentally age appropriate and last 45 minutes with a maximum of 15 children per class; with the exception of Physical Education (P.E.) classes. The structure of the class is usually composed of the following:

. Warm up/ Breath

. Yoga poses and movement

. Game or social activity

. Winding down

. Relaxation

Angel Bear Yoga Program:
The Angel Bear Yoga program stands out among other programs because it address character, natures, literature and physical exercise; which are all important components of building a strong, smart and healthy foundation. Students will learn 50 positive character traits (compassion, gratitude, peace etc) that are accompanied by 400 physical exercises; thus bringing stories to life. There is a new lesson every week with hand outs. This is one of my favorite yoga programs to teach to children. Contact me today for more information about Angel Bear Yoga or click on the Panda Bear below.

Other Services
If you are a studio looking to add "kids yoga" and/or "family yoga", please contact me today!

Sport Yoga:
Teaching Yoga for a kids’ sports team helps them improve concentration and agility, and done together as a group, is an excellent “team building” exercise. Poses that reinforce the muscles used during team play can be incorporated into practice and building core strength is beneficial to all sports.

Celebrate Yoga: Celebrate the holidays with yoga! Holiday classes available for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and more.

Rejoice Yoga: Celebrate your love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with yoga! Children will enjoy listening to their favorite bible story and bringing it to life with yoga movement and music. Great for christian based preschools (ages 3-9) and Mother's Day Out programs that are affiliated with a church.

Special Events
Workshops are available upon request.