Yoga camp is great in so many ways. It enhances flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.

No need to schedule buses, request for volunteers or send home field trip forms because Peaceful Hearts Yoga delivers wellness and yoga straight to your classroom! Isn't that great!

COMING SOON. Spring break and summer camps are available for children ages 4-9 years old. They can be offered as an enrichment program during school hours, after school hours or in conjunction with other programs.

A Typical Camp Day:
Campers will go on a new adventure each day.

Daily yoga practice

Creative arts and crafts

Hands on projects to help learn about nutrition


Closing Activities (show and tell)

Yogis Will Learn:

Yoga asanas (poses)

Yoga and mindful games

Mindfulness and self calming techniques

Breathing practices

Fun songs

A variety of fun themes for both boys and girls that include: saving the Panda Bear, under the sea, rain-forest adventures, helping others (lots of partner poses; which is great for building communication skills), bugs everywhere and garden paradise. All materials are age appropriate and will be provided to match the specific theme. Camp themes can be customize to fit your needs.

Excite kids about their world through yoga! 
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