Monday, November 5, 2012

Five Little Turkeys

This is a cute class that I put together for my daughters pre-k class last year. They needed something that would take up 30 minutes while they were preparing for the Thanksgiving party. I found this classic poem, Five Little Turkeys and added yoga movement.  Everything is better with yoga! It worked out perfect. This year, I added a few more things making it a full 45-60 minute lesson and thought I would share. 

If you are strapped for time and are in need of a Thanksgiving activity, Five Little Turkeys with Yoga movement is the remedy. I have included everything you will need below, but please feel free to add your own creativity. I hope your little yogis enjoy waddling and gobbling as much as I have enjoyed sharing this with you.

Lesson Plan
Five Little Turkeys
With Yoga Movement

Age Group: 3 to 12 years old or Pre-K to 5th grade

Related Activities: 
I have been blessed to entertain 4 kindergarten classes this year, so these activities are specifically Kindergartners. Sorry, but I had to download the set. I plan on using the emergent reader, feather counter and turkey tree map because it include site words. These activities are great "take home" gifts too. 

Other Activities:
Some more ideas; use the feathers from the floating feather game to create your own turkey or a beautiful Indian headdress. 

Book Selection: Thanks for Thanksgiving (Of course, you can read a book of your choice.)

Song: Turkey Pokey 
Tune: Hokey Pokey 
Sing the Hokey Pokey with the verses below,
but then the last line goes as follows:"You do the Turkey Pokey and you gobble all around, that's what it's all about." 

You put your right wing in. 
You put your right wing out. 
You put your right wing in, 
And you shake it all about. 
You do the turkey pokey
And you turn yourself around. 
That's what it's all about. 

Additional verses: Left wing, Drumsticks, Stuffing, Wattle (Head), Tail Feathers (Bottom), Turkey body.

Downloadable Five Little Turkey Poem

I am fun

Five Little Turkeys with Yoga Movement
You will need: Autumn Colored (Red, Yellow, Gold) feathers. Of course, feathers of any color will work. 
Celebrate Thanksgiving with the power of breath. Before turning into waddling, gobbling turkeys, children need will have fun playing the floating feather game. Using only your breath (no finger or toes), keep the feather afloat. Don't let it touch the floor! Give this game a twist and play feather - volleyball with a friend. Blow it back and forth...nice and controlled.  Next, it is time to warm up the neck and spine. Ask the children if they know why Turkeys bob their head when they walk. The answer is to help their balance and vision. Start in Easy pose (criss cross applesauce); breathing in through your nose gently drop your chin to your chest and exhale. On your inhale, roll your neck to the right, and exhale. Repeat neck rolls 4 times, slowly. This can be done in the students desk chair as well. 

Are all the Turkey's awake and loose because it is time to get your waddle on!   

Five little turkeys standing at the door 
(Mountain Pose: stand nice and tall)

One waddled off and then their were four 
(Standing Spinal Twist: extend both arms out to either side and twist at the waist from side to side)

Four little turkeys sitting near a tree 
(Chair Pose: extend both arms out in-front of you and squat down as far as you can, as if you were sitting in a chair.)

One waddled off and then their were three 
(Standing Head to Knee Pose: with arms interlocked behind you. Do both legs)

Three little turkeys with nothing to do 
(Stand in Mountain pose: shrug your shoulders and turn head from right to left)

One waddled off and then their were two 
(Inch Worm: start in Mountain pose, bend forward using your hands to walk out as if you were going to do a push-up, then walk your hands back to forward fold and up into mountain. This is challenging yet fun!)

Two little turkeys in the morning sun 
(Chest opener with arms interlocked behind the back looking up at the the sun.)

One waddled off and then their was one 
(Swaying Tree: standing tall, stretch right arm down the side of your right leg and reach with your left arm straight above your head. Bend to the right side. Switch sides)

One little turkey better run away 
(Run in Place) 

For soon it will be Thanksgiving day! 
(Squat down (Garland pose): hands in prayer mudra and jump throwing arms up in the air with excitement)

Five Little Turkey's enjoying quiet time after their Thanksgiving Feast. 
If you are in a classroom atmosphere (no space) have the student sit in their chair and rest their head on their arm and relax. If you have room (on a yoga mat) have the student rest in Child’s Pose. 

A big thank you to for the free downloads.

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