Friday, October 26, 2012


In the spirit of the Baseball World Series Giants vs. Tigers, I am excited to post this inspiring video of famous Cy-Young award winner Giants pitcher Barry Zito. 

I showed this video to my son Alex who is a huge Giants fan. He also started his pitching career this season. One of the first things my husband told Alex was he needed to work on his balance, he needed to do yoga because a pitcher needs to have excellent balance to be successful.

"My dialy regimen usually includes groin and hip openers like Pigeon, Frog and Warrior poses because they're kind of like the positions I find myself in when I am pitching" Zito says.

With that being said, Alex trys to stretch and practice his balance asanas in the evenings before bed.   

Barry Zito started practicing yoga in 1998. 
He still contiues to practice yoga whether it is in a studio, his house or on the baseball field.


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